Purpose: Checks and automatically restricts the behavior of certain applications so that any malicious code cannot compromise the safety or stability of the system

  •  Multiple levels of protection

♣ Protection against abnormal behavior
♣ Filtering attachments to emails and downloads
♣ Protection of vital files against changes
♣ Protection against changes in the system boot the machine
♣ Certification life applications using the MD5 algorithm from RSA Data Security
♣ Blocking execution of applications from removable drives

  •  Security based on a principle of White List

♣ Contains the list of authorized applications
♣ Allows to refuse any application

  •  Protection against Buffer Overflow
  •  Benefits

♣ Active protection when no patch is available to counter attack
♣ Protection against zero-day attacks
♣ Overall LANDesk Management Console
♣ Integration of security policies HIPS with the strategies of other modules (integrating in the same agent LANDesk)
♣ Reporting module integrated in the same administrative console
♣ Provides control over what applications can be executed on a workstation
♣ Detects and removes rootkits and hidden processes
♣ Detects and warned of problems with services, the startup process and ActiveX controls
♣ Used to prevent accidental starting or stopping processes
♣ Protection of system files and registry